[Coco] Bomb Threat, the game.

Rick Adams rick at rickadams.org
Mon May 28 10:38:12 EDT 2018

Earlier CDs had the game lockup bug fixed, but not the video glitch for 
the Coco3 version being run on a Coco 1/2.

Earlier ROMPaks had both bugs.  The ROMPaks being sold now don't have 
either bug.  This makes the earlier ROMPaks rare and sought by 
collectors (I think that's quite barking mad, but to each his own).  The 
early ROMPaks do not have a white border around the label.

There's not much I can do if you're referring to customers of the 
ROMPaks.  I'm not sure what to do for customers of the CD that won't 
enable piracy, but I'm sure there must be something.  I'm open to 

On 5/28/2018 2:50 AM, Pere Serrat wrote:
> Hi Rick,
> is there any way to get this 'last' version for the customers
> that bought the earlier one?
> Has the ROMPack the latest version?
> thanks in advance
> pere
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> Ordering info for game CDs, with CC and Paypal ordering links, at 
> https://rickadams.org/bombthreat
>          Neil Blanchard still has a few game ROMpaks left, so contact
>          him if that's what you're looking for.
> This is a version with several bugs fixed:
>     1. The game locked up and was unplayable after some insanely 
> advanced level.
>     2. The Coco3 version had a video glitch at the first bomb 
> explosion on a Coco 1/2.
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