[Coco] OT- Pre 4th of July tech book sale

Tony Cappellini cappy2112 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 30 19:35:01 EDT 2018

6809 Cookbook-warren -$3

Z80 Microprocessor programming  & interfacing (Book 2) -$5

Z80 Assembly Language Programming- Leventhal -$10

The Z80 Microprocessor Handbook-Barden -$5

Programming the z80-Zaks -$10

The future was here (Hardcover)- jimmy maher -$10

Apple II The DOS Manual-$10

Programming and Interfacing the 6502 with experiments- Marvin de jong. -$10

Breakout-how Atari 8-Bit Computers Defined a Generation -$15

Call Apple 1979 Compendium- The First Year-(paperback-new) $15

The WOZPAK Special Edition - (paperback-new) $25

                                    Buyer pays shipping.

Send pm if interested, along with your address so I can get a quote for
shipping. I don’t work at the post office, I don’t know shipping costs.
(You would be amazed how many buyers expect you to know the shipping costs,
to every city and state).

PayPal preferred.

I’m in San Jose, CA. for local buyers.



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