[Coco] Problems with Nitro Daily Build in Vcc and Windows10

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Wed Jun 27 08:54:24 EDT 2018

Sorry Bill, your reply was helpful.

My mistake was to think that the BECKER disks were the ones for the Vcc 
Emulator, apparently just the standard coco floppy images are whats 
needed, I don't understand what the BECKER disks are for if they will 
not boot under Vcc then how can one do Drivewire with TCP/IP ?

If they were supposed to boot under Vcc then you have a bug otherwise 
it's my understanding that's lacking. I have used drivewire quite a bit 
but always with  a real coco attached through it's Bit Banger to a pc or 

On 2018-06-25 11:43, Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:
> Without knowing how your VCC is setup AND what disk you're using,
> there's no way of knowing what your problem is.
> Give a list of CPU, drives, drivewire, etc, etc and the FULL name of
> the disk you're trying and how you are booting (where the disk is
> mounted, cmds used, etc)
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