[Coco] CoCoVGA release 0.90

Brendan Donahe brendan at polylith.com
Tue Jun 19 00:10:45 EDT 2018

 CoCoVGA release 0.90 is now available at http://www.cocovga.com/downloads/.

This fixes a bug in which a VG6 or 64-column mode display may flicker when
changing palette colors on-the-fly. Users who have a USB Blaster JTAG
programmer may program this themselves.  (Most users will want the AMC2
.jic.)  Otherwise, contact me or see me at an upcoming event (perhaps Tandy
Dragon software disk images (.VDKs) are also provided with this release.

Thanks go to Pere Serrat for both discovering the bug and for porting the
CoCo software to the Dragon!


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