[Coco] Drive Wire 4.3.4E - Multi Instance How ?

coco at jechar.ca coco at jechar.ca
Sat Jun 16 20:06:19 EDT 2018

  I wanted to create a second Instance but Instance Manager
  does not seem to work in Linux can a second instance be created
  by editing the XML in config.xml - The original 4.3.4E I
  downloaded was setup for MS Windows and TCP/IP but I am running
  ubuntu and a coco on a USB port.
  It took a few edits to the config.xml to get the system working
  at all, it runs fine now but I would like to have my second coco
  attached to a com port as a second instance so I could switch
  between the two systems quick.

  I can send you the current XML code if that helps let me know.


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