[Coco] What ever Happened to NineServer ?

coco at jechar.ca coco at jechar.ca
Mon Jun 4 09:23:31 EDT 2018

  I seem to remember popping a Nitros9 Window onto the drivewire server 
it was very neat. There is a Youtube video


  I cannot find the disk I had made that did than so I was trying to
  do it again from the youtube video.

  It does not work and I get a error 221 - Module not found.

  I do have n5

  Is Nine server still supported by drive wire, I herd a rummer that
  that It was going to be a separate program.

  I can use either Nitros9 3.02.9 or 3.03 - 2014 or 3.03 Daily Build
  none of these have worked.

  What modules do I need and what should be in my /dd/sys/inetd
  to make this work or is it no longer  supported by drive wire?

  If it is being developed as a separate program now who is the developer 


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