[Coco] Do all undocumented features of Coco3 (ex. S-24 mode) exist on emulators like CocoFPGA?

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Tue Feb 20 08:25:44 EST 2018

There are a number of undocumented features of the GIME on the Coco3, and I'm curious if they exist 
on hardware emulators like the Coco FPGA.

I have just been reviewing an old program I wrote for the Coco1, Semigraphics-24 Sketcher which I 
was able to get working on a Coco3 by setting $FF96 to $#%1010 in addition to the required settings 
for $FFC0-$FFC5 and $FF22. This is an undocumented Coco3 feature. The emulation of S24 is partial as 
text is not available in an S24 picture.

This feature will work with VCC and some versions of MESS (coco3) but S24 pictures can include text 
which is not correct.

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