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Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Sun Feb 18 02:04:20 EST 2018

On Sunday 18 February 2018 00:12:30 Barry Nelson wrote:

> > phil pt
> > Sat Feb 17 23:05:11 EST 2018
> >
> > When trying to run asm is the proper commands ?
> >
> > asm filename 1 -o filename.asm #50k
> The command is:
> asm file.asm o=outputfileincmdsdir l #50k
> Where the l is optional to output a listing to standard output and
> #50k represents the amount of ram to use. The outputfileincmdsdir
> represents the name of the compiled binary in /dd/cmds.


And I usually use a -w132 for the output listing and redirect it to the 
drivewire printer in order to get as much or all of the comments in the 
printout as I can. A bash script picks it up and send it to a 19 PPM 
Brother B&W laser in landcsape mode, a $110 printer when I bought it new 
several years ago. And its still working like new. On at least its 4th 
toner refill, so its done at least 25 reams of paper.

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