[Coco] C VS Basic Coco

Francis Swygert farna at att.net
Sat Feb 17 10:14:07 EST 2018

Okay, I understand the difference between an interpreted and compiled language... mainly execution speed as far as the user is concerned. So an interpreted language goes through all the lines on a GOTO/GOSUB until it finds the line number. Am I correct in assuming that a compiled language like C and BASICC-09 has a quicker link to the reference point and doesn't have to go through all the code from call until found?

Someone (can't remember who I gave permission!) converted my "CoCo Family Recorder" genealogy database from DECB to BASIC-09. It was purely text based, so probably didn't take too much trouble. The only thing that had a lot of GOTO or GOSUB statements was the menu program that launched it. The database was really a collection of programs that did specific things rather than subroutines in one program -- to large for one program, at least in DECB. The end of each subprogram would load and run the menu. Don't remember how I did anything back then!  Frank Swygert
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