[Coco] Latest C Compiler Chain

Stephen Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Thu Dec 27 00:24:04 EST 2018

Guillaume Major and I are working to get the files available for download.

I planned to get:


into something closer to what was available before than the form that 
document is in. That was just a major failure backup that I did not 
expect to happen, but did.

I have found that I am unable due to so. Too many other things to do.

I gave Guillaume Major the attachments for that post and he has 
suggested a different format. I just got his reply and am considering 
his request. Plus I have realized that I have other "C" chain source 
code files that were not attached to that post.

I will ask him to make available what I have given him unchanged which 
was one option and may be the final option.


has been unmanned for years now and I never gave Dean any files.

I do see a second person now has put his name on as a maintainer.

Yes there are many broken links, I have the entire contents on my N.A.S 
and have given two other persons copies. I still have two Blue Ray sets 
of disks that can be given away. Files may have been added after I got a 
snapshot from Dean just before he walked away due to other reasons.

I could spend several reincarnations and not find all the "C" files I 
have on my N.A.S., on other external hard disks and DVDs.

One thing that I do not have and wish someone has is all the "C" library 
s that Willard found and is listed in the post. That is something I 
consider important but will be unable to do.

If you can accept large e-mail files PM me and I will try and give you 
copies. I do not play any games with any of the "free" cloud storage 
offerings, they just do not work.

Perhaps all the files I have uploaded that cannot change the permission 
to do so may be given back to so I can add files.

And there are so many files in one place that may sink due to the 
weight. AFAIK no backup.


On 12/26/2018 8:51 PM, phil pt wrote:
> I checked out that site and a lot of the links is not working.
> On Sun, Dec 16, 2018 at 3:33 PM Stephen Fischer <SFischer1 at mindspring.com>[Guillaume Major]V
> wrote:
>> I can send you the last iteration of our attempts to improve on the "C"
>> Compiler, sources and documentation included. Plus a copy of the 6309
>> assembler source.
>> When TandyCoCo.com was taken down and everything was lost, I became
>> perhaps the last owner of the parts of the latest "C" compiler chain.
>> Just about everything has had rewrites and tweaks, some by Gene.
>> As far as "ed", that was not included in the effort.
>>    http://www.os9projects.com/C_Compiler/Compiler.html
>> was to be the final resting place but it never got the files.
>> You can't pick and chose as the parts are all tied together via the last
>> iteration of "CC".
>> TandyCoCo.com took down a huge amount of my work and of others, perhaps
>> intentionally.
>> Bill has his own methods and may have been part of the take down.
>> I have at times provided the parts to persons but nothing has been heard
>> by me after.
>> SHF
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