[Coco] Disk Free Space

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Wed Dec 26 17:40:53 EST 2018


This is not exactly what you asked, but RGBDOS on emulators and HDBDOS on real Coco disks tells you 
how many grans are free. A Granule is 9 sectors.
If you can't examine your disk using a Basic command, you will need to count the number of free 
grans in the table on Track 17 Sector 2.

With a "nice" DOS on a fresh disk, you would see bytes 0-$43 =$FF and all other bytes =$00. Disk 
Basic probably has all bytes in T17S2=$FF. You only care about bytes 0-$43. They bytes that are $FF 
indicate free grans.


phil pt wrote:
> mlbasic 2.0 does not support the free command how can I get the free disk
> space that is available on the floppy disk using dskini?
> Thanks

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