[Coco] OS9 help needed.

Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Mon Dec 24 23:26:17 EST 2018

On Monday 24 December 2018 22:34:19 Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:

> Walter, as for the R6551AP serial IO chip, there's been some work on
> using DriveWire with other options. I think David Ladd was the person
> working on this. I'm not sure what he has going, but he may be able to
> give you more info. I noticed he's added a few options to some things
> on the repo, like using the parallel port on the J&M controller for
> DW, but I'm not sure what else he was working on.
> Bill P.
That would have to be a shorter cable, but would be considerably faster 
if all the timings were right, but thats a bi-dir port and the write 
data is only good while the eclock is valid. And not having a data src, 
I have never tried to stuff data back into it. J&M claimed they could do 
it, but the os9 driver I have, intended to drive a printer with, and 
kicked the tires hard with a disasm and never found a read function, I 
was having data errors driving a CGP-220 with it (fcc rules made the 
GCP-220 have a data killing input filtration scheme that demanded a 
longer write strobe than the coco could src using the e-clock) to work 
well, since there was effectively no ACK signal going back to the coco 
either. The printer was generating it, but the coco never read it. Pity.
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> Thanks Bill
> DW4 server side I'm familiar with from VCC.
> I think I will order the mini FLASH plugin and cable from Cloud-9 that
> comes with HDBDOS already installed. I have a multipack. I also have a
> boosted 10 meter USB cable I just need the serial to USB adapter!
> My CoCo III has a R6551AP serial IO chip build it.  Can the drivewire
> drivers on the CoCo OS9 side be configured to use this rather than the
> standard bitbanger?  Doesn't matter if it can't but just interested!
> Regards
> Walter

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