[Coco] [CoCo] More AGD games converted

Pere Serrat psergm at gmail.com
Sat Dec 22 04:37:54 EST 2018

Hi Mathieu,
no doubt we will release the whole CoCo-Dragon Suite despite by now we 
are tuning a bit better with every new released game .
Sometimes it only requires a change in the compiler but other cases have 
required adding more .bat files to perform new tasks in the
process that gets the .sna file and generates two disk files (DSK-VDK) 
and a lot of intermediate files that help us to find out some errors ...

By now that Suite has these compnents
- a CONVERT.EXE file to extract the data and scripts from the ZX snapshot
- a ADGDragon.EXE compiler that creates the ASM source code for 6809 
that uses the converted to 6809 AGD engine (by me)
- an image converter (data reordering) from ZX to 6847 format (by me)
These three elements are programmed in C under WinMG (come from AGD group)
- an assembler compiler (ASM6809 by Ciaran Anscomb)
- a tool to deal with Dragon disks (DragonDos by Rolf Michelsen)
- a tool to deal with CoCo disks (ImgTool by MESS)
- an emulator to test those disks (XRoar by CiaranĀ  Anscomb)
- a lot of bat files that allow things to be done massively

We have released only 5 games. I have two more packs of four games that 
will be delivered soon.
These amounts to only 13 games over let's say 150. So quite a lot to be 
worked, tested and released ...

The CoCo-Dragon Suite, by now, is only of use to convert already 
programmed ZX-games and this is the task we have assumed to do.
Anyway, if someone wants to play with it, we could release it as a beta 
version despite this would need some time to write down an user guide


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> cool, I have a question will the AGD-CoCoDragon Suite
> be released?
> Mathieu
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