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Bill Nobel b_nobel at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 17 21:40:08 EST 2018

I don’t know if this is the best, but I use K&R’s library with the last CC I could find off RTSI (which seems to be the latest)  This combo seems to work with the latest source around.  Tim’s make is the best one I’ve found although it still has a bug in calculating dates correctly for building.

Bill Nobel
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On Dec 17, 2018, at 6:10 PM, Robert Gault <robert.gault at att.net<mailto:robert.gault at att.net>> wrote:

To all on OS-9 C.

I'm getting into this very late and don't have the original question. There are several versions of OS-9 C for the Coco of which I have several. I have compiled very large projects using Make by Tim Kientzle and it works.

Unfortunately I don't know which of the versions I have is the latest version of C but certainly could send out a disk or two with the programs I'm using.


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