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Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 17 17:41:50 EST 2018

On 12/17/18 4:27 PM, Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:

Bill, make is NOT bug ridden.... I use TK's make extensively and used the Tandy make before that. They may be lacking in many ways, but not bug ridden!

Well, now I am truly confused.  Someone posted just a day or so ago in this very thread that
it was buggy and didn't work.  And my experience seemed to confirm that.  I was not looking for

CC= cc1

    $(CC) hello.c


Returns the message: "make: Can't find source file to make "all.r"

Either that is a rather serious bug or make isn't make at all.

I really think you're looking for modern features in an ancient make. The Coco OS9 make has NEVER had a clean function

"clean" isn't a function of make it wold be a section defined in the makefile

RM = del

     $(RM)  somefile.o somefile.r somefile


If these are too complex for the OS9 version of make maybe they should have chosen a
different name for the command.

that I know of. And if you look deeper into the repo and particularly "rules.mak" (root dir), I think you'll find that "clean" is nothing but a wildcard delete macro and is NOT a part of make itself. Again, all make is doing is calling outside utilities from macros.

Well, of course.  See above.  And make returns the same message I posted
even further above with "all." changed to "clean.r".

I would assume you could write something similar into your makefile and create a clean.
Most of the "clean up" work done with Tandy's compiler was done in C1, C2, and CC, which attempt to clean up their temp files after each operation.

Having a "clean" section isn't to clean up trash left by the compiler it's to
clean up intermediate files left by your project.  I am beginning to get the feeling
that OS9 make isn't a version of make at all.

And, I'm not trying to say you don't know C,

Well, for one thing, make has nothing to do with C.  Make is used for any language and
can even be used for non-compiling tasks.  It is more about project management.

really more of reminding myself how it all works LOL. In fact, I would guess you know C much better than me as I didn't even get into OS9 C until about 2012, but I do know the components of the OS9 C compiler well. I spent literally months trying to get one software package to build. By the time I figured it out, I had gone through every C utility I could find for OS9. I have used them, built them from source and manipulated them in ways that I should probably be ashamed of LMAO!

I have had no problems with the compiler. It works just fine.  At this stage I am just trying to get the
tools wotking to make development a little easier.  That means a decent editor (stuck with TS Edit at
the moment.) and unless all your programs consist of a single file, make would be nice.  When I have
all the tools I have some rather large projects I would like to work on.  But, right now, trying to
work on them with the tools available would be annoying and maybe downright impossible.  Oh yeah, a
better shell would be nice, too.  Maybe the original Bourne shell.  Lightweight but very functional.

I going to make a video of the complete MShell package being compiled with the OS9 C compiler. It consists of over 200 source files, abo 20 makefiles and all run from a single script in a single build.
I'll have to do it in VCC overclocked as it takes about 14 hours now on a real Coco!! VCC @89mhz will do it in just over one minute!

So, how about sending me a couple of your makefiles.  I would love to see what they look
like if not like every other systems makefiles.  :-)


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