[Coco] C-Compiler Chain

Stephen Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Mon Dec 17 15:04:53 EST 2018

The C-Compiler chain for running on an actual CoCo3, or a CoCo3 emulator 
is documented in the post I made. Here it is again.


I know that those OS-9 programs that Willard Goosey collected do work 
because after collecting then I checked against my collection and it was 
ex-actually the same collection I was using.

I will be checking to see it I sent Guillaume Major the actual files and 
if not I will sent them to him.

What is missing and might be of value are the ShellPlus 2.1A scripts 
that I used. But as the Default Shell on NitrOS-9 is totally busted (One 
Half (1/2) the size of the one I used they may well be unusable. Those 
scripts made building C programs easy and allow you to focus on your 
code, not running the compiler.

I am unsure what Bill will come up with as he has a version of the C 
Compiler in one part where we used the two part ones. And he says he has 
made changes.

If you PM me I can tell you where my last running  OS-9 boot disk is and 
disks that are saved with programs being developed.

Now I expect Bill to blow his own horn that his way is the only way to 
go. I beg to differ, you should be able to choose which method you wish 
to use.

I am sorry that I was unable to finish the project but I have all the 
sources, documentation and binaries read to send to  Guillaume Major.

Willard was the last person to make changes and he has left us but I 
have the final set of everything.

Willard Goosey
Gene Heskett
Dean Leiber

And others

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