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Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Mon Dec 17 11:41:55 EST 2018

On Monday 17 December 2018 07:25:16 phil pt wrote:

> Hello
> I know that I bought up this subject before but I think its very
> important that adding support for the RS232 pack would offer two
> things to the coco community.
> 1) Adding Rs232 pack using the same orginal address may allow the old
> software like Ribbs to work without having to re-write several hundred
> lines of code.
> 2) It may encourage more people to write applications for the coco and
> make it easer.
> Sorry I do not beleive if we used a smaller computer system back in
> the 60's to send a man to the mon and 6809 I think was used on the
> earler space shuttles nothing is impossible.
> Phil Taylor

Hear, hear, Phil. The moon computer had an RCA 1802 micro in it, and was 
used because it was as rad-hard as they had at the time. And it is, they 
are still using it downhole, inches from a rad source they carry around 
in a lead barrel that weighs several tons, to do nuclear surveys with to 
see if there any crude in the rock they've drilled thru. I've written 
code, designed and built the peripheral stuff including very simple 
video for one at a tv station in Redding CA, that turned out to be very 
handy, so much so it was still being used there, many times a day, 17 
years later.

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