[Coco] [COCO]: Game FOGGY converted for 6809 machines

Pere Serrat psergm at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 14:37:57 EST 2018

I chose the game FOGGY, programmed by John Blythe, to convert it to 6809 
As a side effect of this project, I had to end up with about 80% of the AGD
engine already converted, I thought this was a good choice to push the 
AGD engine
conversion. Targetted machines: Dragon-Tano-CoCo-1-2-3 with 64k

Once the game was converted, it could be played only in Black and white 
Then José Luis Tur (jltursan from Retrowiki) took the time to create a set
of data to allow playing in PMode3 with the four std colours.

You can see more info and download the VDK-DSK here

You are welcome to share your experiences with the game
Pere Serrat

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