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Joe Schutts j_schutts at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 14 02:01:37 EST 2018

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been a faithful CoCo user since the day they came out.Regretfully over I had asked one of my relatives to hold unto my CoCohardware for a bit as I had no place to store it properly. Well, shedid for a while, and then gave (or threw away or sold) the stuff Ihad asked her to hold for me. I still do not know what I have left ofmy stuff that she had stored for me. Perhaps I never will even knowfor sure…

Anyway of the stuff I had and the stuff I still have I’m making alist of some of the things I want to sell off right now that I nolonger have a need of. I am giving the users here the 1stopportunity to make any offers on them.




CoCo 1 (F-Board - 64k) – TBF

CoCo 3 (512k) - NFS

CoCo 3 (128k) - NFS



Speech & Sound Pak - (FOR SALE) ***

Direct Connect Modem Pak - (FOR SALE) ***

Appliance/Light Controller Pak 26-3142 (NO Cable) - (FOR SALE)

1 FD-501 Disk Drive Controller(NO DRIVE) - (FOR SALE)

1 FD-502 Disk Drive Controller(NO DRIVE) - (FOR SALE)

Micro Works SDS80C Editor/Assembler Pak - NFS

I also used to have around 30-40 Game and Utility Program Paks. If(and when) I find them, I will post the titles of them here as Iwould also like to sell them as well. I will warn you now that ALL ofmy Game Paks have been opened and the AUTO-EXEC line has been cut. Idid this to make copying them much easier. They STILL work except youhave to POKE them in order to make them work…

Anyone interested in buying any of the items for sale (or you havequestions), just PM me. ((DO NOT PM ME HERE – PM ME AT MY E-MAILADDRESS!!!))

My E-Mail address is as follows:

Joe Schutts

jschutts at gmail.com

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