[Coco] FD-502 (26-3133) controller for sale

Kandur k at qdv.pw
Mon Dec 3 14:05:37 EST 2018

Answering multiple private questions,
regarding my FD-502 (26-3133) controller for sale.

The FD-502 (26-3133) is the last Tandy controller. 
This model, uses a 28-pin ROM rather than a 24-pin ROM for Disk BASIC. 
It was introduced in the 1988 Radio Shack catalogue.
My model is the original, made in Korea.
Every address pin is connected via a ferrite core choke.
The backside is shielded.
A copy of this board is listed on eBay for US $69, 
as    RE-FD502 Floppy Disk Controller.
The copy board uses resistors in place of the chokes, and has no shield.
Both boards are offered without a case.
This must be a rare find, thank you for your interest.


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