[Coco] CoCo-XT RTC ROM and disk

John Mautz ejmautz2 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 18:55:23 EDT 2018


I picked up a CoCo-XT RTC a few months ago.  It works great as it came with
what I was told is a 5MB HD.  My CoCo-XT has the Western Digital 1002A-WX1
card int it.  When it boots it show the Burke & Burke ROM version to be
2.3.  I don't see a version on the CoCo-XT RTC card (other than the
copyright 1988, though it could be on the back of the card).    I've doing
some searches for about a week now and I must be searching the wrong way as
I'm not finding any hits.

This brings me to my 2 questions:
1) Does anyone have a newer version of the ROM?  If so can you provide a
link or send it to me?  I have searched around and all I can find is the
manual for version 2.4 and a 2.5 supplement. - BTW: I'm willing to read and
upload my version 2.3 ROM if someone wants it.

2) Has anyone see the disk imaged some place?  I've looked and I seen where
it used to be sold for $24.99 but no links to the actual software.

So other than completeness, why do I ask?  I was able to get a Tandy 20MB
external hard drive.  The PS was dead so I replaced that and would like to
use the Seagate ST-225 that came with it.  Therefore I need the disk with
the utilities on it.


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