[Coco] VGA Questions??????????

Stephen Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Tue Aug 21 20:29:16 EDT 2018

I have a VGA to HDMI adapter for my oldest ATSC tuner MyHD.

The picture looks great except for the black column on the left and the 
corresponding right part of the picture is cut off.

As my only monitor (For my HTPC) is a Sony HDTV which usually is 
displaying the output of the HTPC using HDMI. Audio is carried in the 
HDMI cable but the VGA to HDMI adapter needs a connection to audio out 

I found a program that allows me to switch the audio output between the 
two by clicking on an Icon.

A USB cable is needed just for 5 Volt power.

It was only $20, worth a try at that price.

MyHD is currently my live / time shifting tuner for the round and round 
(NASCAR) and the back and forth (NFL). The other tuner that does live / 
time shifting has defective software and will not scan past RF 12.


On 8/21/2018 1:52 PM, Brendan Donahe wrote:
> ...   I
> understand that commercial VGA-to-HDMI solutions exist that work with
> CoCoVGA, but have not tried any.
> Brendan

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