[Coco] VGA Questions??????????

Joe Schutts j_schutts at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 21 16:12:35 EDT 2018

Hi Everyone,
I have (what I expect) are some dumb questions. I have a couple of questions regarding the CoCo 1 and 3 on BOTH a VGA as well as a HDMI Display.

First off, I have 2 of Roy Justas's VGA Adapters (which I haven't had an opportunity to use as of yet), I SHOULD also have 1 OLD CoCo "Gray Case" 1 "F" Board (64k) and a CoCo 3 (512k which I eventually plan on upgrading to 2meg). I also have 1 MPI (white case 3024 model) which I am not sure if it has been modified for the CoCo 3 or not (but I will upgrade it once I get both of my CoCo's here with me.

Now the reason I haven't tried any of these solutionsm is that I live in PA and (I think - or HOPE they both SHOULD) both are hopefully in Maryland at my cousins house and haven't had a chance to get down there and get them. Right now the only CoCo item I do have is the MPI and both Roy Justas's VGA Adapters, so I have NO WAY to test them (as of yet).

What I need (or want) to know is which one of these 3 ways to connect BOTH the CoCo 1 and the CoCo 3 give the clearest display on both a VGA Display (on BOTH a 32' TV and a 21' VGA Monitor) as well as a HDMI Display on a HDMI TV or Monitor.

1. First, there is the option of using Roy Justas's VGA Adapter, which I already have two of. (Again, which I haven't tried as of yet).

2. Then, there is the other adapter (I'm not sure if it's called "RGB2VGA") or something like that. I'm also not sure if this is SPECIFICALLY JUST for the CoCo 1 (and WHICH Board or Boards) and also the CoCo 2 OR if it will also work on a CoCo 3 or not.

3, Then there is the last option of using the other Adapter that uses both the "Switch-A-Roo" Adapter along with a SCART Adapter (which is bought separately) which I believe is ONLY for the CoCo 3 (although I could be wrong about this).

Now (like I said) I need to know which one of these 3 options (or Adapters) will give me the clearest picture (in BOTH "Text" AND "Graphics" modes) on both the CoCo 1 and the CoCo 3???

Anyway, this is what I would like the answers to...

I apologize if these questions have already been asked but I didn't see them if they were...

Thanks again for your help in this matter...


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