[Coco] CoCo 2 to Composite

Neil Cherry ncherry at linuxha.com
Wed Aug 8 20:35:13 EDT 2018

On 08/08/2018 08:20 PM, Jack Carpenter via Coco wrote:
> I have a Coco2 and 3 and they both use the RF out to my Samsung LED TV all I did put
> the TV on CH 3 and I use RCA Cable on the end for the TV I convert from RCA to Coaxial
> cable. Hope I wrote this right or understand.

I do the same thing to my Insignia HDTV.

RF -> 300 to 75 Ohm Transformer -> 75 Ohm coax -> TV Coax (ch 3)

I know you can add components to the 600XL to get the composite out
but it's a lot of work (I have a 600XL in progress). My 800XL comes
with the circuitry but it's been modified also (done in 1984).

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