[Coco] Fujistu FM-7

Joe Grubbs jsgrubbs at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 6 12:39:48 EDT 2018

Wow you scored two of them? Were they eBay finds or some other means?

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I recently acquired two FM-7’s.  Very interesting 6809 based machines.

I’m in the process of developing an SD card based floppy drive emulator
(at the board layout stage now) which should make them a lot easier to work

Fascinating computers.  :)

- Ed

> On Aug 6, 2018, at 11:28 AM, tim lindner <tlindner at macmess.org> wrote:
> At the VCFWest this weekend I got to use an FM-7 for the first time.
> I got a chance to play with BASIC for a bit, here are my notes:
> 1. The print statement does automatic word wrap. Crazy.
> 2. The RND function seems to only return numbers from zero to one. It
> even accepted a parameter that seemed to be ignored. Same random
> sequence on every run of a program. I could not figure out how to set
> the seed.
> 3. The EDIT command clears the screen and prints the BASIC line on
> top. You use the arrow keys to move the cursor, and there are INSERT
> and OVERWRITE keys on the keyboard to set the mode.
> 4. The TIMER variable returned two number like this: "7636 0". The
> first number kept incrementing, but the second stayed at zero. I could
> not figure how to set a TIMER value. Both numbers and strings gave
> "?Type Mismatch" errors.
> 5. Oh yeah, and also long error names.
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