[Coco] [Off topic] Anyone near Sydney Australia?

Mark McDougall msmcdoug at iinet.net.au
Thu Aug 2 10:11:12 EDT 2018

On 2/08/2018 9:28 PM, Nathan Byrd wrote:

> I just ran across this story, is anyone near Sydney? The Australian 
> Computer Museum is about to have a warehouse demolished and is
> looking for people to help save some of it's collection by taking
> pieces home. I wonder if there is any Tandy items in there:
> https://www.crn.com.au/news/australian-computer-museum-society-collection-faces-bulldozers-499454
>  I'd love to help, but I'm in the wrong side of the world 😥

Yes, I'm in Sydney.

The call has gone out across several local vintage computer enthusiast 
groups. It has turned into a bit of a sh*tstorm to be honest.

To summarize, the initial message went out which seemed to imply a 
"garage giveaway" open to all and sundry and, understandably, a number 
of collectors duly turned up and cherry-picked the collection.

When the other administrators/curators got wind of what was happening, 
they quickly moved to curtail the "looters" and made it abundantly clear 
that the offer was only for people to store items for later return to 
the museum once more suitable storage was found.

Despite this, I suspect some people may still have designs on being able 
to keep it, certainly the above-mentioned... but that's pure speculation 
on my part.

Our own Leslie Ayling has strong views on the debacle which I'll leave 
to him to elaborate on if he so wishes.

For those interested in seeing exactly what was involved, there's a 
"walk through" video by David Jones on his website. In that video - 
which I'm yet to watch in its entirety - it is suggested that about 1/3 
of the stuff has gone. I think somewhere else I read the remainder was 
destined for some shipping containers as we speak.

Anyway, the link for the video...



Mark McDougall

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