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Steve Strowbridge ogsteviestrow at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 14:48:23 EDT 2017

This will attempt to be brief posting with some updated information about
some resources that may be of interest to the members of the Color Computer

I continue to work on and refine a page of color computer links at

As new information is provided, I add it, under different categories, the
page with project sites, blogs, etc., got to be pretty long, so I converted
that from a static web page of links to a table, which can now be sorted
based on page type, such as "hardware" vs "Software" projects, for example,
and you can search, too

I'm hoping that http://imacoconut.com will become the one-stop-shop for all
your color computer needs, this is a public service that is free of charge
for everyone involved, if you have a web site, blog, project, page, group,
etc., that is pertaining to anything that is remotely related to the CoCo,
I'd love to put a link to it on the site, just let me know.

CoCoTALK! - not to be confused with the CoCo Crew Podcast (
http://cococrew.org)  CoCoTALK! is a weekly live Talk Show about the CoCo.
Each week we live stream on YouTube, but video replays, and audio podcasts
are also available 24/7 at http://cocotalk.live

It's been 2 weeks since I plugged the show or an episode, been busy, and
Hurricane Irma threw a monkey wrench in things, but episode 25 and 26 went
off without a hitch before and after Irma, check them out in either audio
or video formal.

Last but not least, and this is a bit of a "teaser" but I've opened up a
whole new YouTube channel dedicated to the CoCo, MC-10 and Dragon.

I've got over 200 game play videos, a dozen interview, 26 episodes of
CoCoTALK! and a bunch of other CoCo miscellany on my original YouTube
channel, but I feel this content deserves a channel of it's own.

I will hand select what to move from the new to the old, and I have a lot
of ideas of new and improved types of videos to add to this new channel.
While there isn't much there now, stay tuned.

The link to the new channel is:

What are some ideas I have for the new channel?
Well for starters, new game play videos will have two versions, one with be
free of commentary, the other will still offer my babbling.

Text Adventure games - a topic I've struggled with, adding to a
"traditional gaming" youtube channel, now is not even an issue with the
CoCo dedicated channel.  My recent posting of a video for Bedlam has
something like 300 views, to there seems to be an audience for this.

More interview, CoCoTALKS! you name it, all CoCo, nothing but CoCo, all on
a dedicated YouTube channel, look for more content to be produced as time
goes on.

So, to steal some quotes from the CoCo Crew Podcast:

You may only be young once, but you can be retro forever!
Happy CoCoing and have a CoCo day!

Steve Strowbridge, aka
The Original Gamer Stevie Strow
ogStevieStrow at gmail.com

Website:  http://ogsteviestrow.com
Merchandise:  http://8bit256.com
All things CoCo:  http://imacoconut.com
CoCoTALK!  http://cocotalk.live

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