[Coco] Update on CoCo3 FPGA Analog board run

Zippster zippster278 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 17:22:17 EST 2017

Hi guys,

Just an update on the progress of the Analog boards for those who signed up for one.

I've received all the parts and production is under way.  SMT parts on the board bottoms
are all done, and the board tops are in progress.  I did pull one board from the group partway
through the tops and finish it with all the through-hole components just to test.

Everything passed; RAM, WiFi, RTC, serial, joysticks...  So we're in good shape and
everything is going smoothly.  I should be starting to contact people with notice that their
board is ready in about 2 weeks.  :)

- Ed

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