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128 mb card is large enough for 0-255 which includes the wasted space.

If u are using a physical hard drive via the superIDE or glenside and a SDC then I would recommend running SIDEKICK with my new SDCX access program. You can use this program to copy directly from the Harddrive to the sdc and back. All needed files are now in the archive

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I reviewed the Coco SDC user guide, but didn't see the answer to these
questions.  I'm sorry if I missed it, but hopefully someone can supply the

I have 30-40 unique hard drive backups of my Coco software, and I'd like to
transfer these to SanDisk cards on my Coco SDC.  What is the optimum SD card
size?  I have to assume that a large card might have a lot of wasted memory.
Can I store more than 256 Coco disk images per SD card?  Assuming I'm
limited to 256 disks per card, what would be the optimum SD card size?  My
current plan is to buy one SD card for each HD backup.


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