[Coco] VCC for the Mac

Bill cwgordon at carolina.rr.com
Thu Mar 23 12:00:21 EDT 2017

WoW!! Too many choices-I have NO IDEA what to download.

So how is a TOTAL NOOB supposed to chose?

Installer for "Wine Development"

SHA256: 067ebc8d43a5bccaf9197ba070651f02d9b79a2961927f3c232c40a2ba8faca1 
2.4  109M 

Installer for "Wine Staging"

SHA256: fd44ff0f6de6d062c5ff7c8a80910e044115e1d61fd7e9074b3019d3715ae707 
2.4  117M

Tarball for "Wine Development" (32-bit)

SHA256: 297d70b95357c7c7e85beaeb4fa34e11fe570ffe61993404aca29e448ad28889 
2.4  55M 

Tarball for "Wine Development" (64-bit)

SHA256: c4fdb5286ef23159b626e5cd5052e514dcf61838d055e038574beed809bb957f 
2.4  105M  

Tarball for "Wine Staging" (32-bit)

SHA256: 07b7456cd5ebd86bdb56449ad4b669424d8c373e415e5ea13d561eaeb8b23ad6 
2.4  59M  

Tarball for "Wine Staging" (64-bit)

SHA256: faf45638e7ff9a0e13cdc8d10acd13fd61c716f987bc90c7824517704ece506d 
2.4  111M

And as I said before, PLEASE let's go PM.


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