[Coco] error 249

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Sat Mar 18 20:36:51 EDT 2017

Bill wrote:
> Do I change the DNS or not?
> Here is the ENTIRE list as it comes from a FRESH boot:
> nam=D0 mgr=RBF ddr=rb1773
> hpn=07 hpa=FF40 drv=00 stp=03 typ=21 dns=01 cyl=50 sid=02
> vfy=01 sct=0012 t0s=0012 ilv=03 sas=08 wpc= ofs= rwc=
> That is it. The same setup is also set up for /d1. I am using 3 1/2" 80tk drives
> I did "ident -m rb1773", and our numbers match.
> I did "ident -m rbf", and again, our numbers match.
> This just leaves cleaning the heads on the drives.
> Thanks

As others have said, dns=1 is correct for your hardware. What does not make any sense is that when 
you boot from your floppy reading /D0 works but not when booting from Drivewire.

Now clearly you can read /D0 when booting from /D0. What happens if you boot from /D0 and then try 
to read the problem disk in say /D1? More to the point, if you boot from /D0 and then enter
ded /D1@
can you read LSN0 on the problem disk?

Cleaning the 3.5" drives can't hurt but that issue is not consistent with the problem you are 
reporting. Booting from a floppy would be just as susceptible to dirty heads as booting from Drivewire.


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