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On 3/18/2017 6:46 AM, Bill wrote:
> Well, that proves the axiom, "Never assume". I had "assumed" that as many years as I've been privileged to be part of this community, someone would "assume" that I was not as stupid as those who had never had ANY dealings with the Coco, and would be "assumed" that I know enough to NOT put an IBM, Atari, or RSDos disk and try to access it.
> You want information, I will give as much information as I can provide. Actually, I DO have a clean NitrOS-9 formatted disk loaded in my physical drive. And the nos96809l2v030300coco3_dw.dsk has been booted using HDB-Dos 1.4 DW3 Coco 3 into DriveWire 4.3.30 (06/13/2013), by a VIRGIN FD-501 Tandy controller controlling a dual vertical set of 3 1/2" drives, and a TRIAD 512K SRAM Upgraded Coco3 with no MPI attached that have shown no signs of errors. The Coco 3, DriveWire 4, and the drives have NOT been showing any OTHER SIGNS of errors. The DMODE settings of the /dn drives running with the nos96809l2v030300coco3_dw.dsk had been modified (DMODE /d0 typ=21 cyl=50) and re-cobbled.
If you are using this dmode on real floppies they will not work.
Dmode for 40 track 2 sided should be

typ=20 cyl=28 sid=2

> The aforementioned 'problem' floppy  disk had been previously formatted using a disk-based version of nos96809l2v030300coco3_dw with no problems. I had copied Bill Pierce's utilities on it, and was trying to access the disk while the Coco was running DriveWire 4.
> Any more information will be provided upon request.
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>>> Bill wrote:
>>> I'm using Drivewire 4 and nos96809l2v030300coco3_dw.dsk, and when I
>>> try to access a physical drive, I get an ERROR 249 message. Does
>>> anyone have a solution to this? I can format to the physical drive,
>>> and after that, II get the ERROR 249 again
>> Bill,
>> That errors meaning can be found by entering error 249 You will get
>> 249 - Wrong Type
>> which at first glance won't mean much. Based on the sparse information
>> you have supplied, it should mean that you don't have an OS-9 disk loaded in your "physical drive."
>> Now you have said that you can format a physical drive, but how do you know that the format worked?
>> Have you checked your drive descriptors with dmode? What is the exact nature of your system?
>> Without more information about your system, there is no good way to provide useful information. I can say that with the
>> disk you mentioned mounted in DW4 disk 0, and a floppy in one of my drives on a Coco3, I can read my floppy and not get a 249 error.

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