[Coco] I am looking for a few Code Snippets for the CoCo's.

Mark D. Overholser marko555.os2 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 16:51:51 EDT 2017

On 17-Mar-17 12:57, Salvador Garcia via Coco wrote:
> Hi all, this got my attention and sparked my curiosity. Allen
> mentioned that reading the bit banger port required assembly. Does
> that mean that if I connect a serial device, such as a scale, to the
> bit banger, I can't have a typical BASIC program to read the
> information coming from the external device? Thanks! Salvador

My understanding of the CoCo's Bit-Banger Port is that it functions like 
the Apple ][ Super Serial Card ( SSC ) or the original IBM PC's Serial 

Output mainly, with Polled Input, ( verses Interrupt Driven )

You need an Assembly Language "driver" to setup your incoming and 
outgoing buffers and the Interrupt Service Handler ( ISR ) to "fetch" 
the incoming Bytes and Queue them...

Does anyone know if the CoCo RS-232 Cartridge, which has a Terminal in 
ROM, can be used by a BASIC or Assembly Language program, at least the 
Low Level Routines???

Many years ago I wrote a Serial Terminal Program for the IBM PC/AT in 
Turbo C 2.00, using a book by Al Stephens, IIRC, with Lots of Assistance 
from the "C. Programmer's Guide to Serial Communications" by Joe Campbell..

I have not attempted the same with the Apple ][ or CoCo..  But I am 
Willing to Learn....

I have also done this kind of thing on Microchip PIC Processors too...



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