[Coco] Tokenized Basic

William Astle lost at l-w.ca
Wed Mar 15 10:23:47 EDT 2017

On 2017-03-15 05:38 AM, Francis Swygert wrote:
> The above is true, but I think you can write using the tokens. I know you can at least use SOME of the tokens when coding... I recall using the token for REM instead of actually typing REM, but can't recall what it is... Made it a bit quicker typing remarks (an apostrophe?). Might not work for all tokens though.

Those "tokens" you're referring to are not tokens. There are two:

?: this is replaced with the token for "PRINT".

': this is an alternative to "REM" but is not actually a short cut. It 
has different semantics. It is shorter to type, yes. But it also does 
not require a ":" before it if it appears at the end of a line while 
"REM" does. As a side note, using "'" at the start of a line actually 
takes up more program space than "REM" because "'" actually stores an 
invisible colon before its token (which is different than the token for 

The tokens stored in memory all have bit 7 set (they're in the range of 
128 to 255). There is no way to type those in Color Basic. You can't 
even include them in an "ASCII" basic program file. The "line input" 
routine masks off bit 7 on all input.

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