[Coco] Unofficial: CoCoFest hacker challange.

Brett Gordon beretta42 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 23:52:26 EDT 2017

"Hack my CoCo"

I'll have a network of various CoCos setup on a wireless access point at

Hints will be provided by a coco serving up web pages.  Your mission: find
the telnetable coco on the wlan and perform the coolest hack possible.
packet/port sniffing, social engineering, and use of my coco console at my
table when i'm off peeing is acceptable and all part of the game.

An assembler, DECB, a forth, and vi will be available for your hack (once
you manage to log on)   Seize my coco and make it do something cool.
Prizes will ensue for the first, the coolest hack, (as judged by me).

Anyone up for this challange?


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