[Coco] Dual monitors on a Coco 3?

Bill Loguidice bill at armchairarcade.com
Mon Mar 13 11:12:33 EDT 2017

It's really only practical with two outputs outside of very specialized
scenarios, but it does come in handy when you have a monitor like the
Commodore 1084S that accepts both inputs. This way you can switch between
high resolution RGB stuff and composite stuff that needs artifacting
without skipping a beat.

The Commodore 128 actually supports simultaneous displays as well, although
that was a bit more sophisticated, since you could have separate processes
running between the 40 and 80 column screens when you switched.

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On Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 11:02 AM, Paul Shoemaker <paulfe3 at swbell.net> wrote:

> That's amazing, isn't it?  Our favorite $200 8-bit computer could run
> THREE video displays simultaneously back in 1986!  Mainstream
> MS-DOS/Windows PCs couldn't do that until, what... the late 90's?  And even
> then the needed to do it was definitely not cheap.
> What a cool little machine we have.

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