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On Sunday 12 March 2017 12:10:51 Allen Huffman wrote:

> On Mar 11, 2017, at 11:33 PM, Dave Philipsen <dave at davebiz.com> wrote:
> > Ah, yes.  I believe a lot of radio stations also bought them for
> > recorded announcements and commercials and such.  We used the
> > Digicart at a fancy new hotel in Beverly Hills that had just been
> > built back in '92.  It played the audio for some lighting shows I
> > did in their ballroom.
> At the radio station I worked at, all our music and commercials were
> played off of "carts" which looked like eight track tapes. The
> Digicart looked like it worked in a very similar way, so the name
> makes sense as a drop in replacement for "cart players."

I was glad to see those things die. None of them were truly on speed, and 
if you thought you could teach the ma & pa station owners to properly 
erase a cart on the bulk eraser before re-using it again, the lesson 
would be done until you left, walking out of sight. They never 
understood they should both scrub the cart slowly, and pull it slowly 
away from the eraser by at least a foot before releasing the power 
button. I spent 5 minutes explaining the magnetics several times, and 15 
minutes later the 1:45 movie theater commercial he sold as a :30 was 
delivered to the control room with a heavy thump thump thump in the 
background because the cart was still laying on the eraser when the 
button was released. I made a huge difference in that station pairs on 
air sound, a diff you could easily see in the ratings books because the 
ear fatigue was seriously reduced, enough to pay my salary but in 2 
years there, I failed to fix that. Frustrating.

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