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Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
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OS9 L2 only supports 32, 40, & 80 col screens (unless in graphics mode with your own special fonts)
To change screen types, just type "width <width 40 or 80>"
width 40

If you don't have the width cmd, look on RTSI



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Hi Bill

OS-9 doesn’t support 51 column text windows.  You can do it in graphics with a special font.

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Thanks, but how do I change the character size (51 char)

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display 1b 34 x      this is the border x= the color you want
display 1b 33 x       this the background color x= the color you want
display 1b 32 x       this is the foreground color x= the color you want

or all in one shot

display 1b 34 2 1b 33 2 1b 32 5

I personally find black background with yellow foreground the easiest to read.

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