[Coco] CC3 part search

Ron Klein ron at kdomain.org
Wed Mar 8 12:40:23 EST 2017

Hello all,

I'm looking for a source for the following Color Computer 3 parts:

Power switch
RS part # AS-2900
Manf part # 182110240A

Reset switch
RS part # AS-2849
Manf part # 187010040A

Serial 4 port DIN
RS part # AJ-7537
Manf part # 193410020A or 193410050A

Joystick 6 port DIN
RS part # AJ-7566
Manf part # 193410040A or 193410070A

These were taken from the Radio Shack Service Manual.  Quick
cross-reference attempts come back empty.  Has anyone else found a source
for these items?  If not, I'll start doing a deeper dive on them.  Hoping
there are some good equivalents for the switches.  DIN plugs for mounting
on a board should not be too much of an issue to find -- price is more the
factor there for the small quantity I would need.



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