[Coco] 1.2Mb floppy drives

Allen Huffman alsplace at pobox.com
Tue Mar 7 12:03:20 EST 2017

Funny enough, last week I was going through storage and found about a dozen 3.5" diskette boxes, unopened. They were all for my old synthesizer keyboard, which I sold years ago. I think all these disks were 720K, too, because, much like retro computing, the music industry stayed in the dark ages as well (the mid-90s synth I had still used a BELT-DRIVEN floppy drive! Even CoCo got past that in the 80s!).

> On Mar 7, 2017, at 10:58 AM, Bruce W. Calkins <brucewcalkins at charter.net> wrote:
> There is a serious hack for the original 12 volt CoCo disk controller (26-3022?) to do this.  I doubt the parts can be obtained these days.
> Bruce W.
>> On 03/07/2017 10:29 AM, Bill wrote:
>> Has anyone figured how to use 1.2Mb floppy drives with the Coco (EITHER
>> NitrOS-9 or RSDos).

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