[Coco] DECB -> Pi2/3

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I’ve thought about this too.  Not sure this is exactly what you’re referring to, but it would be quite neat to see NitrOS9 ported to native ARM machine code on the Pi.  No 64k restriction – full address space / running at full speed using multiple cores … very, very lean.  Very quick boot. No Linux bloat. <- not that I am dissing Linux, however!!! :)

I have also thought of what it would be like to have a more portable NitrOS9 (this dates
back to my OS-9  days when I wanted to see that on other things, too.)  I even mentioned
it here many, many years ago.  I line with my interest in more classic systems, the PDP-11
was my first choice but I could also see it running on a VAX and even the Z80 might be fun.
But, alas, I doubt abyone will ever see it running on anything else.  But I'm up for it if anyone
decides to try.  :-) (Come to think of it, I even have some M68K QBUS boards that have no
OS to run.  There's another target.  :-)


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