[Coco] The BIGGEST PROBLEM with (So-Called) NEW CoCo Hardware...

Barry Nelson barry.nelson at amobiledevice.com
Mon Mar 6 09:58:41 EST 2017

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> Mon Mar 6 06:44:51 EST 2017
> If you're using OS-9/Nitros-9 or HDB-DOS Drivewire is a perfect printing solution. If you're using plain DECB it's not. IT's not hard to get HDB-DOS, and it's free, but you have to get it burned into a ROM. In some cases it's just not practical, or you need/want plain vannila DECB. A plug-in printer interface that uses a common USB printer would still be practical. An Adruino or some other mini computer (RPi, etc.) that takes the output from a CoCo and emulates a standard dot matrix that most CoCo software would recognize, then output to a USB port in something a common ink jet would recognize would be a seller, I think.  Maybe a good use for Allen's $4 USB chip, but would take a lot more support circuitry.  Frank Swygert
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Just so you know, there exists driver software that will allow you to print to a DriveWire server from Extended Color BASIC, even using a standard ROM. Also you don’t have to burn HDBDOS into ROM to use it, you can load it from disk, or if you have to, cassette. I do agree that a more direct USB interface would be nice.

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