[Coco] (OFF TOPIC) Sales Tax From NewEgg...

Andrew keeper63 at cox.net
Thu Dec 28 22:23:52 EST 2017

I didn't notice this the last time I ordered from NewEgg, which wasn't 
too long ago - but honestly I didn't look.

Amazon I knew has done it for a long time.

But here is where it gets tricky for me - and maybe others in other 
states in the future.

Here in Arizona, this year (IIRC) they enacted a new change to filing 
your taxes. In all states, there's a thing called a "use tax", which is 
basically the idea that if you are buying something out of state that 
could be (in theory, I guess) purchased in your state, and your state 
collects taxes on such a purchase (and it isn't for resale or certain 
other exempt transactions or such) - then you are required to remit that 
tax you would have paid to your state.

In the past, here in Arizona, they had a single line on the form for 
this "use tax" - but I doubt few people filled it out. Now, thanks to 
our lovely government who like to say one thing but do another once they 
get into office, they changed the tax form to where you have to answer a 
direct question as to whether you purchased any out of state items that 
could be subject to the use tax, and if so - then fill in the blank. 
Subtle difference, but one where if you lied on the form, could be 
considered tax evasion or something.

But here's the rub:

If the item was sold in a "casual sale" - like say you purchased 
something at a yard sale (out of state) - that isn't considered taxable 
here in Arizona, or subject to the use tax.

But what about Ebay?

If I purchase a dohickey from some seller on Ebay that drop-ships out of 
Shenzhen, how am I to know whether they are an actual company (thus 
taxable), or one of the many varied individual sellers in the many 
multi-story building-sized "electronic malls" (that make the old "Radio 
Row" of NYC pale in comparison) - and thus more like a "casual sale"?

In other words, how am I to know when a seller on Ebay is an individual 
selling items in a casual manner, versus an individual selling them as a 
business? What if the person owns a business, but is selling 
individually as well?

None of this complexity is covered anywhere that I have been able to 
find. The only recourse for the buyer (notice that they put all of the 
onus onto the buyer now) is to treat -everything- they purchase as 
taxable. So now, instead of not paying taxes on things that are 
ostensibly taxable, you will have to pay taxes on things that may be 
non-taxable. At least, if you want full CYA against an audit or something.

They'll of course then use that money to fund programs and such to go 
against advertising about legalization of marijuana and how it is 
working in other states, like Colorado, of course. Or something equally 
dumb (I could blather on for hours about the stupid stuff our grand 
state and county governments love to do, especially if you don't fit 
into a certain hole or type - but I bet more than a few have their own 
skeletons rattlin' around in closets, just waitin' for the light of day).

Filing state taxes here for 2018 should be fun. Not.

Andrew L. Ayers
Glendale, Arizona

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