[Coco] Coco3 on a stick NOT in a box

rietveld rietveld rietveldh at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 28 16:46:01 EST 2017

I never said it wasn't. I said I prefer the desktop interface of doing it with either windows or ubuntu.     My pi setup is very sloppy.   I know very little about how to maximize it's potential

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rietveld rietveld <rietveldh at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Just a quick update. I 3d printed a nice SDC size case and mounted my
> compu stick and battery bank in it.   The compu stick is an Intel
> Atom that runs windows 10.   I have the stick auto run Vcc 1.42 in
> full screen on power up. I also have the SDC image on the stick which
> has 64GB of flash.   The keyboard is a standard keyboard /mouse all
> in one  connected by bluetooth. I prefer this over my pi because I
> can back out of vcc and run chrome to access my mail or sites like
> the coco archive right from the stick
> The battery bank also powers my pocket projector that connects to the
> stick via HDMI. The projector can display a nice 5 foot image on any
> bare wall and is very crisp.
> I
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    I guess I'll have to stop accessing my mail and browsing other
sites with chrome on my Pi. I didn't know that it wasn't allowed...

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