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First, I don't see how 38400 could be anywhere near as fast as the 115k that DW4 uses for the Coco3. If you're using a Coco1, then the baud rates are comparable since both are 38400, but even the Coco 2 uses 57600 on DW4.
Another "small footprint" answer would be a RasPi3 running Linux and DW4. This has already been done. And at $35 for a RasPi3 and $15 for a cable, you couldn't go wrong. It would also give you all the other options available with DW4 (virtual printing, TelNet, MIDI, etc)



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I know I'm catching the tail of this thread, but is there a good source for comprehensive setup guide on the Aruduino UNO as a DriveWire server somewhere?   Currently, my DriveWire 4 server has been a old XP mini-PC that's kinda of sluggish.  If I could get that machine out of the way and replace it with a UNO rig that performed as well or better that would be awesome.  I would like to keep my Turbo mode feature if possible, other than that I just use the HDBDOS and NitrOS9 drive configurations.  I don't get off into the printing functions, emulation, etc.  Thanks for any pointers.

- Chad H

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Some information on the uno server

The uno is a R3

baud rate is 38400

Basic programs saved with Color Basic will not run correctly when  loaded with Extended Basic and visa versa.

UNO programs can be uploaded via ARDUINO IDE.

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