[Coco] Playing games from floppies

Kandur k at qdv.pw
Wed Dec 20 00:13:21 EST 2017

Thanks Robert,
I'll look into that. 


Tuesday, December 19, 2017, 5:19:38 PM, you wrote:
> Kandur wrote:
>> Hi,

>> In the golden days of the early eighties, rich kids used to buy game cartridges, plopped them into the coco and played the games. We poor kids had to wait for the aftermarket game casettes, loaded them from a casette player, then we could play the games too.
>> If I insisted on to play games from floppies, what is my best way to go today?
>> (Please don't suggest sdc or dw, thank you.)

>> Kandur

> Kandur,

> You need to consider that games written for cartridges or cassette may not be playable from a
> floppy. It is quite possible that the game code would need to be rewritten to use a disk.

> What you really should do is see if a game in question was released on disk. If so, then you just
> need one of the available utilities which run on a PC and can be used to create disks or can send
> files to a disk on a Coco.

> If you indicate a specific game, then you will get a better answer to your question.

> Robert

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