[Coco] ?CocoSDC explorer and deleting files + Rp case

Guillaume Major guillaume.major at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 16:22:18 EST 2017

Hi Steve,

thank you for reporting the error. I will look into this when I'll get 
home. When you say "the latest explorer program", are you talking about 


Le 2017-12-13 à 12:08, Steve C. a écrit :
> I was starting to delete some files on a CoCoSDC, so that I might "curate"
> the list of programs (translation: get rid of the junk) but was stymied on
> my first attempt with the latest explorer program, hitting Shift+X on the
> disk image for the game 5000 brings up a message "FILE ALREADY OPEN"
> Just to be sure it isn't open, I loaded another disk image, then went back
> to explorer and tried to delete it again with no success. I also made sure
> that the SD card wasn't locked.
> I know that I can transfer the card to a PC to delete it, but that is going
> to require a lot of back-and-forth that I'd rather not do if I want to
> evaluate and clear all of the programs I don't want to keep on the rather
> full card.

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