[Coco] Fw: Motorola 68 K , information about SCSI hard disk back up

Francis Swygert farna at att.net
Mon May 30 19:31:47 EDT 2016

I got this request in e-mail. Don't know how he got my name, probably from one of my old magazines? Anyway, this is beyond me -- I'm not that familiar with OS-9 or OSK. I did run OS-9 from a single SCSI hard drive back in the day, but just one, and I really didn't do much with it. That was a LONG time ago! 
If one of you can help, please e-mail this guy directly. No need to clutter up the list with replies, other than to let us (me!) know someone is going to contact him. More than one reply (to him) wouldn't hurt... Frank Swygert
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     On Monday, May 30, 2016 9:35 AM, remus ghincu <remusghincu at yahoo.com> wrote:

 Good day  Mr.Francis SwygertMy Name is Remus Ghincu, i am  engineer in electronics, from Romania and i have an old but very nice computer Motorola 68k, running an application program ,under the operating system OS9, Ver 2.4.The computer is equipped with a SCSI hard disk.   From this kind of computers , with the OS 9 operating system i do not know to exist a second one in Romania, so i have no one to ask about my problem.
The computer has a tape unit of the type Viper, SCSI with ID: 2 (defined with bridges on the board unit)and an HD, also SCSI, Seagate, with ID: 0
I want to make a backup copy of  the hard disk (practically an identical copy of the operating system OS9 and of  the application program 
I want to install a new SCSI hard disk, with the ID, for example, 1; and make  an identical copy of  theoriginal hard disk. In the beginning, I will of course format the HD unit.My questions are: 1. How do I inform the operating system that the computer has now 2 hard disks?
2. What commands from OS9 should I use: backup? or dsave? or fsave?
3. Or I can make a copy of the tape unit?How am I supposed I proceed in this case?
Hoping that with Your help, I will solve my problem,
i  thank you, and wish you a nice day

Eng.Remus Ghincu


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