[Coco] Updated Coco3 RAM stress test

Richard Goedeken Richard at fascinationsoftware.com
Sat May 28 11:55:41 EDT 2016

Hello everyone,

I have updated my RAM stress test program to support up to 8MB of memory. I
mainly wrote this for testing with the Coco3FPGA but it may be of interest to
the wider community as well. This program supports Coco 3s with 128k of RAM or
any amount between 512k and 8MB.  It tests each 8k block, first checking what
was previously written on the last iteration, and then writing a new randomly
selected pattern and checking it again immediately after writing.  It tests
all of the blocks including the memory mapped to the video display and the
page where the code resides.  If any error is detected, it stops and displays
the page and offset where the error occurred, as well as the written and read
byte values.  You can download this tool from the following URL:



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