[Coco] Need some advice

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Fri May 20 14:10:50 EDT 2016

Be warned that simple C compilers aren't able to produce machine code (or 
asm code) that runs as fast as what an average asm programmer can do in an 
average time, whereas sophisticated C compilers typically think of things 
that even asm experts wouldn't think of or bother with. A C compiler is 
likely to be "simple" if it's old, if it's made to fit in a small space, 
if it's written by one person, or if it's a sophisticated one that's been 
configured with optimisations turned off.

Le 2016-05-19 à 22:30:00, Randy Weaver a écrit :

> How would one rate language performance?  And how does OS/9 come into 
> play? Is it ASSEMBLER/RS-DOS the fastest or are there OS/9 multi-tasking 
> goodness that would be better?  What languages are there?  I know about 
> the CMOC project . a C-like compiler for RS-DOS right?

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